General health

An annual check with a vet is recommended for your pet to review overall health including heart and lung sounds, teeth and ear condition and also covers;

  • vaccinations
  • microchipping
  • worming treatment and prevention
  • flea treatment and prevention
Soft tissue surgery

This kind of surgery includes neutering of animals and superficial wound repair but also covers;

  • lump removal
  • abdominal surgery
  • thoracic surgery
  • minor eye surgery

The practice has a history of dealing with exotic pets and are happy to see all species including, but not limited to;

  • snakes
  • birds
  • lizards
  • fish

Internal medicine

Diagnosis of your pet’s ill health may include investigations into;

  • gastroenterology (stomach)
  • respiratory disease (lungs)
  • cardiac disease (heart)
  • kidney + urinary tract disease

We are seeing an increasing number of cancer patients through our doors and are able to administer chemotherapy on site in the comfort of our hospital wards.

Same day MRI scanning
We have had the privilege to enjoy access to MRI since 2007, one of less than twenty such dedicated units nationally. Apart from its tremendous benefit to the spinal patient, it has a broad range of valuable applications, including, amongst others; tumour imaging, soft tissue defects and diagnostics for brain and spinal cord issues.
Same day HDCT scanning
This is a new addition to the diagnostic suite, the first machine of its kind into the UK. It provides 30-50 times the spatial resolution of high quality human CT machines, using one tenth of the radiation dose. This provides incredible anatomical detail in a very short examination. It is excellent for bone detail but also produces stunning 3D images of soft tissue structures. It is complementary to MRI.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has gained foothold as a valuable tool for chronic pain, musculoskeletal-skeletal injuries and wounds (contaminated and otherwise). There is a growing bank of data in the human field showing proof of benefit in many applications (most recently in healing of indolent ulcers but established in rotator cuff injuries, for example). Like ECSWT it promotes new tissue growth but also has an immediate pain relieving effect and also biochemically increases tissue oxygen and energy availability.

This relatively recent treatment option (derived from lithotripsy), initially used more in equine sports medicine, involves very high energy mechanical shock waves delivered to the area of pathology. This initiates similar biochemical responses to laser which cause neovascularisation and promotion of healing, particularly valuable in ligament and tendon but also bone healing and remarkably in lumbo sacral pain. This is non-invasive but requires general anaesthesia in pets (people can be persuaded to take the pain!) and is often repeated 3 times at 3 weekly intervals.
We have used this increasingly over the last 3 years with some excellent results.

We have links to surgeons and practitioners in other fields for referring your pet to;

  • orthopaedics (bones)
  • hydro and physiotherapy
  • cardiology (heart)
  • opthalmology (eyes)