General Health

At Buckley House, as part of your yearly booster consultation, your pet will receive a complimentary health check from one of our veterinary surgeons. This health check will cover the following areas, aiming to highlight any potential health problems your pet may have as early as possible.
Heart and lungs The heart and lungs are major organs within your pet, responsible for moving blood around the body, supplying oxygen and removing necessary waste products such as carbon dioxide. Our veterinary surgeons will assess heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse rate and quality, mucous membrane colour as well as chest sounds to determine your pets cardiovascular health. At this point, any heart murmurs and other abnormalities may be detected.
Teeth Teeth are also checked routinely. Evidence of tartar, redness of the gums (gingivitis) and tooth decay will be highlighted and your veterinary surgeon may advise dental work. Preventative measures such as daily tooth brushing, dental treats such as raw carrots and mouth wash for your pet may also be discussed and/or prescribed.
Vaccinations Here at Buckley House we use the Nobivac Vaccine Programme for dogs, cats and rabbits.
•    Puppies/Dogs
Puppies have their initial course of vaccinations at 9 weeks of age. This is followed by a second vaccine at 11/12 weeks to maximise the immune response and make the vaccine more successful. A third vaccine is needed at 1 year of age to complete the primary course. Yearly boosters are advised by all of our vets and postcard reminders are sent to your home address. 

Dogs are vaccinated against many diseases including; parvovirus, canine infectious hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza virus and leptospirosis. A nasal kennel cough vaccine can also be given to protect dogs that are well socialised at the park, puppy classes or kennels. 

Rabies vaccines are also available at Buckley House for animals travelling abroad. Rabies jabs are needed every 3 years and a passport appointment can be made with any of our veterinary surgeons in house.

Canine herpes virus vaccine is recommended to breeding bitches. Canine herpes can be responsible for fading puppy syndrome and abortion/miscarriages. Please ring for more information as this vaccine must be specially ordered.
•    Kittens/Cats
Kittens begin their vaccine course at 9 weeks of age. A second vaccine is administered 3 weeks later and a third vaccine at 1 year of age. Yearly boosters are again recommended by all of our vets to ensure maximum and long term immunity.

Cats are vaccinated against feline calicivirus (FCV), feline herpes virus (FHV) and feline panleucopenia virus (FPLV). If your cat is an outdoor cat, meeting other cats in the street, we recommend the addition of feline leukemia virus into the vaccination protocol to ensure full protection. 

•    Rabbits
Rabbits receive a combined vaccine covering both myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic diarrhoea. Rabbits unlike cats and dogs only need one vaccine in their primary course although we do recommend yearly boosters.
Flea and Worming At Buckley House we can tailor a worming regime to suit you and your pets. We stock Drontal, Drontal Plus, Milbemax and Panacur (liquid and granules) at our pharmacy and nurses/vets are always available for help and advice.

Puppies and kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks and monthly until 6 months as they carry a higher worm burden. Adult animals should be wormed every 3-6 months for tapeworm, especially if they have the tendency to hunt.

Lungworm is becoming more and more of an issue, especially if your pet eats grass, snails or worms. If this is the case, we recommend monthly use of Advocate spot on or Milbemax tablets. Lungworm is a potentially fatal disease that is easily prevented if managed appropriately. 

Fleas can be very problematic to animal owners and our methods of treatment focus upon prevention rather than a cure. There are many products on the market for fleas. Many of the shop bought products are fipronil based and are related to 'Frontline'. 'Frontline' was once gold standard treatment for fleas but sadly, after many years of overuse, the fleas have become resistant causing an increase in flea numbers. Here at Buckley House, we can tailor our flea treatment to suit you and your pets needs. We offer free flea checks to make sure you and your pets are flea free and happy. Just call to book an appointment with one of our vets.