Soft tissue surgery

At Buckley House we conduct a wide range of soft tissue surgery in house by our own veterinary surgeons. These procedures include lump removal, abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, minor eye surgery.
Lump removal Lump removals are often indicated if your pet has a large lump causing pain or discomfort. Lumps may also need to be removed to provide a definitive diagnosis or following the results of a biopsy/aspirate.
Abdominal surgery Abdominal surgery can include but is not limited to; removal of the spleen (splenectomy), foreign body removals (gastrotomy/gastrectomy), kidney removals (nephrectomy), liver surgery including hepatic shunt repairs, biopsies and tumour removals. Abdominal surgeries are normally complex procedures following a through work up often involving x-rays, ultrasound scans and blood work. These patients are often hospitalised post surgery for critical care and pain relief.
Thoracic (chest) surgery At Buckley House we are conducting more and more surgical procedures involving the chest and thorax. We have a fantastic nursing team that can ventilate animals as required whilst our vets operate on their lungs, airways and/or heart.
Minor eye surgery Here at Buckley House we can surgically manage difficult ulcers via corneal debridement, grid keratotomies and conjunctival grafts. We also have years of experience in lump removals involving the eyelid margin and the surgical correction of entropion (in-growing eyelashes).